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Sex and Money

Please be aware that it is strictly against our Terms and Conditions to offer sex services for money. It is also prohibited to offer to pay someone (even consensually) for sex services.

If you are found to be offering … services or promoting the sale of items you will be removed from our website without warning.

If you wish to report a profile breaching these terms please do so via support profile or using the small flag located on their profile.

  • SARITA27hot: im
  • Hans-Sweden: Let them burn in a warm location!
  • Abualhaji: I don't means to send the personal contract, because I don't understand the rules and regulations to this site, from since this issue happy friends are not see my profile again please help me solve this, i can't doing again. secondly, I try to upload my profile photos but not gone well and I want you to solve the problem for me, remember to see my profile photos. Thanks you for understanding me. Abu alhaji kamara
  • cumandgetusinnc: Fine by me.  Laws changed in late april in the USA, already craigslist personals and adultspace have been shut down over this.  We just wanna meet like minded people and have fun... not be whores in the true sense of the word.
  • Hedonist2018: There are several … on this sight! I joined so I wouldn't have to pay for sex! Yet here they are! Look on adult friends and you will see some of them!
  • Unquenchable: #Hedonist2018 what the website is saying is that they DONT want these types of profiles using the site. So if you see them REPORT them. You can send me their usernames or you can report them directly to the website by using the small flag on their profile.
  • fuckthis68: i carnt put profile picture up wont let me and ive frggin paded what is the problem
  • Support: You are in the right place Dhanbahadurdhami82!
  • Nkemdinmj85: Am happpy am real But how can I find that lady who is btw the ages if 35 - 50 yrs. That's why M here .for fuckmate nothing attached.hope ahes finds me